Spirulina can be used efficiently as a nutritional supplement  together with a healthy diet and exercise program  to aid in weight reduction.

 Being a very concentrated whole food it is not needed to be consumed in large quantities to get a full nutrition response. That compared to over processed foods that are depleted of curial nutrients and so we have to consume them in large portions to get our nutritional needs satisfied.

We call spirulina and chlorella healthy fast foods because they are easy to prepare,  just mix them with water and you can take them on the go and it is a fast food without the negative effects on our health that conventional fast food can bring.

 The health benefits of spirulina are more evident because you can  eat a very low-calorie meal without reducing important nutrients. Spirulina doesn't act as an appetite suppressant, but will help in making the body be more nutrient satisfied and not be tricked into this by some chemical ingredient that usually appetite suppressant have.

When the regular super processed food is consumed,   the body is still starving for food,  sending messages to our brain to keep eating  which continues with overeating until our stomachs complain to our brain too that he no longer can take it anymore and we stop… until the next   session of bombarding our body with foods that most of the time we don’t need.

The contrary effect is found in the king of super foods,   because having such a concentrated level of nutrients. Without any carbohydrates or sugars  spirulina helps in satisfying the body’s appetite and if we want to get full results in this will consume spirulina before meals.

Studies have shown that Spirulina being a whole food,  incredibly rich, containing a balance of nutrients  that makes it virtually capable of sustaining life without the need of other foods and in the same time optimizing internal functions of the body .

Considering this health benefits of spirulina in aiding weight loss we consider that buying this supplement over all kind of artificial weight loss products and systems , one more chemical that another it will be a logic healthy choice to take.