Spirulina and Chlorella are whole foods  and most of the nutrition specialist refer to them as being  super foods cousins , that complete each other  .

    Eating Spirulina or Chlorella is like eating any other vegetable like apples, bananas or broccoli  .

   Chlorella cell has one of the  highest content  of chlorophyll and has been used to prevent cancer or in other problems that chlorophyll comes with a benefic effect .

   Chlorella is used to cleanse the body, it has an ability to bind to different toxins and helps eliminate them. Is also used to help with  rebuilding nerve damage. 

   In Japan, it was discovered that  patients with  ulcers and  wounds  finally were healed when the patients took oral doses of chlorella,  because  it stimulates the cell to reproduce at a more faster rate with that results in a faster building of new tissue. 

   Chlorella also contains an important  concentrations of  nutrients – proteins , enzymes and minerals but in a smaller quantity that spirulina. 

 Because of this chlorella  is sometimes confused with spirulina. But an important difference between this two superfoods  is that chlorella possess the hard cell wall. Most of the  nutritional experts notify that this hard cell wall needs to be broken before consumed and so the beneficial nutrients of chlorella can be easily absorbed. 

 Chlorella is an excellent mercury detoxifier , which most of us are contaminated with if we had received a vaccine, dental fillings ,  used certain types of cookware or eaten fish that lived in a polluted water.

  A unique component of the chlorella nuclei is the Chorella Growth Factor that is not found in any other food. This component effectively  helps in damaged tissue regrowth ,  helping with a faster regeneration of the cell , some patients are applying chlorella mixed with water as a paste to hep in a faster healing of small wounds.

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