Spirulina in it’s powder form comes in a dark green or blue green color , but we have to say from the beginning that it  comes together with a very “marine and chlorophyll ” smell added to this super food.

For us the regular consumer of processed foods  it is a little hard at the beginning to get used with this smell, it usually takes a various number of uses until it comes a normal and trusted nutriment on a daily diet .

For the vegetarians that are used with the green smell of chlorophyll it will be much more easier to start consuming the spirulina powder . It will also benefit them because the spirulina cell body contains vitamin B12 which is not found in other vegetarian nutritional supplement .

 The powder can be added to most of the  foods like salads , smoothies, sandwiches and practically you can become very creative in adding this super food   kick to any of your favorites recipes.


 Most lovers of spirulina powder will not wait the health benefits until the preparation of some time consuming recipes,  but will beat the conventional system of fast-food, in a positive way,  and they will consume spirulina just mixed with water , benefiting  from a faster absorption of the rich spectrum  nutrients found in spirulina, and usually the effects will be  in the high energy levels , visible almost immediately.


 We found that mixing spirulina with organic apple juiceso or homemade lemonade and honey  will be the best way to get used to drinking spirulina.

Spirulina not only is very high in proteins and minerals, it also has 25 times the calcium present in milk and so vegetarians (but not only)  can benefit from drinking spirulina adding a good amount of calcium to their meals.

The Aztecs used spirulina for centuries  in the name of the "techuitlatl" but only in the recent four decades it became an internationally known whole food .

Currently it is in any respected healthy nutrition food store  and more and more people  are becoming aware of the health benefits of spirulina power all around the world.